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Konica HEXAR AF SN: 0014270


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Konica HEXAR LENS 35mm F2
Commodity condition C / average goods
Serial Number 0014270

Aperture The aperture is 2-22,

and the number of aperture blades is 6.


・ Kenko filter


The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, self-timer and winding / rewinding operations are normal.
You can check the shutter speed shift,
Accuracy is unknown.
The display on the upper LCD is also normal without missing characters.


You can see abrasions and scratches due to use.



It is clear visually, but if you shine a strong light,
You can see dust, light scratches, light haze and little mold.
The internal frame and LED light also work properly.


 Visually clear. If you shine a strong light, it mixes with fine dust
You can see a slight haze.

Light seal:

No problem.

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