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HASSELBLAD ★203FE Modified for Hasselblad Digital Backs SN: 18SS11139


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Modified for Hasselblad Digital Backs

Come with E16-645 + PM5
Commodity condition B / good
Serial Number:

Body: 18SS11139
Magazine: 37ET10254 (internal and external numbers match)
Viewfinder: 401ER2256

Shutter speed / Aperture Shutter speed is C, B, 1s-1 / 2000s.

・ HASSELBLAD waist level finder
・ HASSELBLAD carrying strap


The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, mirror up, self-timer and winding are working.
The operation of shifting the shutter speed
Although it can be confirmed visually, the accuracy is unknown.
The light meter will also glow.
The self-timer lamp also glows.
We do not check the digital back.


There are fine abrasions and small scratches,
It is generally in good condition.
The curtain is also generally good.
Cracks are visible in the lower palpas.
However, a white stain can be seen at the top of the magazine.

The abrasion due to use is slightly visible.
Can be connected.


Dirt is not visible, but circular abrasions are visible.
Loupe: Dust contamination is visible, but generally better.

Prism finder: Clear by visual observation, but with strong light
You can see dust, dirt, light fog, and thin vertical lines on the prism.

Mirror: It's beautiful.

Light seal:

Generally good.

The screen will be ACUTE MATTE D.

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