HASSELBLAD FE 60-120mm F4.8 SN: 2QEE10370


HASSELBLAD FE 60-120mm F4.8 Zoom lens
Commodity condition B / good goods
Serials Number: 2QEE10370
Aperture The aperture is 4.8-32, and the number of aperture blades is eight.
Mount V mount

・ HASSELBLAD Hood and filter frame
・ HASSELBLAD 93mm filter (1x HZ-0)
・ HASSELBLAD front lens cap (51654)


The operation has been confirmed.
Focus ring, aperture ring, zoom ring,
Both aperture blades work normally.
Although it is a visual check, focusing and infinity are not a problem with the viewfinder.
The aperture preview is also moving.


Very good condition with little feeling.

There is a fine abrasion.
I can not see big scratches on my nails.


Visually clear.
When you hit a strong light
Dust contamination is seen.
In addition, you can see the slight wiping scratches.

It becomes 33-66mm in 35mm camera conversion.

Product ID 20636151