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Nikon F3T HP Titanium body with original box SN: 8517535


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Manufacturer: Nikon
Product name: F3 / T HP Black titanium body 
Commodity condition:A / beautiful goods
Serial: 8517535
Shutter speed / Aperture A, X, T, B ~ 1/2000

・ Original box (serial match)
・ Cosmetic box
・ Nikon body cap
・ Various instruction manuals

Operation details The operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem with rewinding, self-timer and emergency shutter.
The accuracy of the shutter speed shift is unknown, but it is generally good visually.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the light meter is also operating in response to light.

It is in a beautiful state.

Optical viewfinder:
There is a slight contamination in dust
Visibility is maintained.

Light Seals:
No problem.

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