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CONTAX G2 SN: 024377


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Product status C / Normal
Serial Number: 024377
Shutter speed / aperture AUTO, X, B, 4s-1 / 4000s



Operation has been confirmed.
AF / MF, continuous shooting, self-timer, winding and rewinding are working.
We have confirmed the change in shutter speed and the response of the light meter.


There is a feeling of use as a whole, and there are small scratches, abrasions, and dullness.
There is a slight liquid crystal leak on the film counter, but the numbers can be confirmed.

Please look at the photos for reference.

There is a mixture of dust on the whole.
There is a faint cloud inside when exposed to light, but the field of view is generally clear when peeking.
The internal display is in good condition.

Light seal:

No problem.


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