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Voigtlander BESSA-R SN: 00105923


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Manufacturer Voigtlander
Product name BESSA-R
Product status C / Normal
Serial Number: 00105923
Shutter speed / aperture B, 1s-1 / 2000s


・ Body cap (the letters are slightly written)
・ Neck strap
・ Original box


Operation has been confirmed.
The operation of the self-timer and winding and rewinding has been confirmed.
We have confirmed the speed change of the shutter speed and the operation of the light meter.


There are abrasions and small scratches on the whole.
The entire rubber part of the body is very slightly sticky, and dust adheres to it.

Please look at the photos for reference.

As a whole, dust and dirt are mixed in, and the edge of the eyepiece is slightly damaged.
The bright frame and internal display are in good condition.
Frame switching is also smooth.


Light seal:

No problem.

Product ID 20652471