HASSELBLAD 500CM Black body + A12 Magazine SN: RP1281601


Manufacturer: HASSELBLAD
Product Name: 500C / M Black Body + A12 Magazine
Product status: C / average product
Serial body: RP1281601
A12 magazine: RP3234247
In A12 magazine: 247
(Serial match inside and outside the magazine)

Shutter speed / aperture-

accessories -

Operation details Operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, charge and winding are working.
We have also confirmed that it works with the film back.
I have confirmed on the viewfinder that the lens is attached and the distance meter works together.

Appearance There are scratches, scratches, paint peeling, etc. due to use.

Optical viewfinder:
There are slight scratches and a slight cloudiness, but there is no problem with focusing. The loupe also has scratches and lightness, but visibility is not a problem. 

Light-shielding material There is aged settling.

Product ID 20675602