CONTAX T2 Limited BLACK SN: 228796

The serial number of the body is 228796.
The shutter speed is auto.
The installed lens is "Carl Zeiss Sonar 38mm F2.8". The aperture value is 2.8-16, and the number of aperture blades is 7.

There are no accessories.

The operation has been confirmed.
Rewinding, rewinding, flash firing, self-timer is working,
The accuracy is unknown, but the shutter speed change, exposure meter response, and AF / MF operation have also been confirmed.
The operation of the aperture ring and aperture blade is smooth.
Thread due to use, fine scratches are seen,
Some peeling of paint is seen on the battery cover.
There is no liquid leakage of the liquid crystal.
There is a slight contamination of dust and dust,
Mold is not seen and keeps clear state.
Shading material
Aged aging is seen.
Minor dust contamination is seen,
There is mold on the front ball.

Product status: C / average