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CONTAX T2 Titan Black SN: 118217


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Serial number: 118217
Aperture: 2.8-16
Number of feathers: 7

・ Soft case


Operation has been confirmed.
The self-timer, flash firing, rewinding and rewinding, and lens barrier are operating.

There is no problem to use auto focus mode.
*The lens will jump in and out for the camera body when you use manual focus(but the shutter can still be released).

There are no noticeable abrasions or scratches, and it is almost in a beautiful state.

There is no noticeable dust or dirt.
The liquid crystal inside is good, and the bright frame can be confirmed visually.

Light seal: 
You can see the aging.

Slight contamination of dust is seen.
No mold or haze is found.

Product status: C