The serial number will be 004758.
The attached lens is “Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T *”.
The aperture is 2.8-16, and the aperture blades are 5.

Accessories are as follows.

・ CONTAX strap
・ CONTAX pouch
・ Instruction manual


The operation has been confirmed.
AF / MF, shutter, self-timer, flash, winding and rewinding are working.
Lens extension and button / dial operations are possible.
The accuracy of infinity and focusing is unknown,
There is no problem in checking on the viewfinder.
The operation of the light meter has been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.
There are abrasion and dirt due to use and aging,
It does not stand out greatly.
There is no problem with visibility, although contamination of dust can be seen.
The bright frame is clearly displayed,
It is in a state where it reacts to light even if it relates to the display of numerical values.
There is no particular problem.
A slight contamination with dust can be confirmed by holding a strong light.
There is no problem with mold and haze.

Commodity condition: B / non-defective