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CONTAX T3 SN: 041356


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Serial number: 041356
Installed lens: Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T *
Aperture: 2.8-16
Number of feathers: 5

・ CONTAX exclusive case
・ CONTAX strap
・ Instruction manual
・ Original box (with internal damage)


Operation has been confirmed.
AF / MF, self-timer, flash,
The opening and closing of the lens barrier and the operation of winding and rewinding have been confirmed.
The operation of buttons and dials is also smooth.
The operation of the light meter has been confirmed, but its accuracy is unknown.

There are abrasions and small scratches overall, but it is generally in a beautiful state.
The eyepiece parts are whitish.

The mixture of dust as a whole, a slight abrasion,
You can see point damage,
The view when you look in is almost clear.
The internal display has been confirmed well.

Light seal:
You can see the aging.

There is a slight contamination of dust when exposed to strong light.
No mold or haze is found.

Product status: B / good