CONTAX G1 ROM modified + Planar 35mm F2 T* + TLA140
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number:

Body: 087376
Lens: 8049145

Shutter speed/Aperture B, 1-1/2000s


Front lens cap (CONTAX)
・Lens filter (CONTAX 46mm P-Filter)
・TLA140 soft case (CONTAX)



The operation has been confirmed.
For self-timer, winding, etc.
The operation is generally smooth.
Shift of shutter speed and exposure meter,
Operations such as automatic exposure and flash
I have confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.
It has been confirmed to operate.
The movement of the aperture ring is relatively smooth.
Infinity and focusing are almost normal
It works, but on the viewfinder
As it is a confirmation, its accuracy is unknown.
It is working normally.


Over time, fine abrasions and scratches due to use
You can see it.
Liquid crystal leakage can be seen in the film counter part,
The number of counters is visible.


Although it is clear when viewed visually,
If you put a strong light on it, fine dust,
Thin haze can be seen. There is no mold.
There is no problem with the internal display.


Although it is clear by visual inspection,
If you put a strong light on it, fine dust and dust,
Thins haze can be seen. There is no mold.

Light seal:

No problem.

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