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FUJIFILM TX-1 SN: 7100216


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Product condition D
Serial Number: 7100216
Shutter speed/Aperture A,B,8s-1/1000s


Sequential shooting, flash, self-timer, winding and rewinding are operating.
We have confirmed the shift of the shutter speed and the operation of the exposure meter.


There are abrasions, scratches, and paint peeling on the whole.
There is rust or corrosion on the screw, hot shoe, or strap attachment part.
There is a dent on the bottom.
The screw on the side of the warship is removed.

There is liquid leakage under the LCD on both the top and back surfaces, but there is no problem with the display.


Optical wiping scratches, dust contamination and faint haze.
It is almost clear when you look into it.
Bright frame and double image matching can be visually confirmed.

Light seal:

No problem.

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