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HASSELBLAD 500CM + Planar CF 80mm F2.8 T* SN: RI1291902


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Manufacturer: HASSELBLAD
Product name: 500C/M + Planar CF 80mm F2.8 T*
Commodity condition: C / average item
Serial body: RI1291902
A12: (Inside) 30EV23750 / (Outside) 153
(Internal and external serial numbers do not match)
Lens: 6773300

Shutter speed/Aperture B, 1s-1/500s

・Front lens cap
・Lens filter
・Lens hood
・Prism finder
・Polaroid back (No.RR3716110)

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
The operation of mirror up and winding can be confirmed.
The operation of shifting the shutter speed has been confirmed, but its accuracy is unknown.
The focus ring, shutter speed ring, aperture ring, and aperture blades operate smoothly.
The film counter was also working and I could confirm the charge signal.

The lever part of the lens is missing. There are threads, fine scratches, paint baldness, and dirt on the whole.
The light-shielding material on the back of the body and the contact surface with the film bag have deteriorated and cracks are also seen.
The bare metal is visible when the scratches on the corners of the main body and the black paint on the corners of the film bag are peeled off.

Optical viewfinder:
There is a slight amount of dust on the screen.
Coating damage can be seen on the magnifying glass, but the image can be confirmed almost completely.

On the whole, dust mixture, slight clouding when exposed to strong light, and slight speckled damage inside are slightly observed.
No mold is found.

Light Seals:
Deterioration due to aging can be seen.

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