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HASSELBLAD ★500C/M SN: 10EI24905 + Planar CF 80mm F2.8 T* SN: 7425826


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HASSELBLAD with 500C / M
It is a set product of Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 T *.

Serial number: 10EI24905

Magazine`` A12 '':
Serial number (outside): 30EI60207
Serial number (inside): 207
The serials inside and outside the magazine match.

`` Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 T * ''
Serial number: 7425826
Shutter speed: B, 1s-1 / 500s
Aperture: 2.8-22
Number of feathers: 5

・ HASSELBLAD front lens cap
・ Instruction manual
・ Former box


Operation has been confirmed.
The operation of the shutter, mirror up and winding has been confirmed.
Interlocking when attaching a film back is also possible,
The operation of the film counter has also been confirmed.

Operation of focus ring / aperture ring, shutter speed ring,
The operation of the aperture blades and shutter blades is smooth.
The accuracy of infinity and focus is unknown,
There is no problem with checking on the viewfinder.
The operation of shifting the shutter speed has been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.

Although there is a slight abrasion and small scratches due to use, it is in a generally beautiful state.
Slight floating / shift on the border of the pasted leather and scratches on the shading plate.
The color of the film signal remains black with or without charging.
Something like oil stains can be seen on the edge inside the counter.
There is a slight oily stickiness due to the bleeding of the adhesive at the top of the body.

Slight dust on the screen, uneven wiping,
You can see point damage on the magnifier.
The confirmation of the image is almost clear.

Light seal:
Deterioration due to aging is seen.

There is a abrasion due to use, but there is no problem with detachment.

There is contamination of dust generally.
Irregular wiping is seen on the rear ball.
No mold or haze is found.

Product status: C / average product