HASSELBLAD 503cxi SN.11EC38862 + CF Planar 80mm F2.8 T* Carl Zeiss + A12 ZERO HALLIBURTON


This is a HASSELBLAD medium format camera
It becomes 503cxi 11EC38862.
Convenient to carry around the world for the first time in the heyday of large cameras
Announcing a 6x6cm interchangeable lens SLR camera.
Paste PALPASS material on the inside of the body,
The main body side is to prevent internal reflection.
It becomes the feature of "503 series".
This is a completely improved model of 500C / M.
It becomes the chrome specification of the classic image.
The lens with
“CF Planar 80mm F2.8 T * Carl Zeiss
It is highly regarded for its outstanding descriptive power.
Also has a reputable T * coating.
The serial number is 7425899.
The shutter speed is B ~ 1/500.
The aperture is 2.8-22.
There are 5 diaphragm blades.

Accessories are as follows.
・ HASSELBLAD A12 film magazine (30EC75884)
・ Lens cap in front of HASSELBLAD
・ HASSELBLAD lens hood
・ HASSELBLAD 1 Ã UV-SKY lens filter
(No sponge inside)


Operation has been confirmed.
Shutter with no problem in operation
Mirror up works normally.
The shutter speed of the lens is also suitable.
The focus ring moves smoothly.

It is a used state with little usability.
Slight scratches, abrasion and dirt over time
There is a relatively clean state.
No peeling can be seen on the exterior.
Due to deterioration over time, PALPASS materials
There are cracks and some peeling.

There is some contamination with dust, but it is clean.

There are few scratches, but there are some peeling of paint.

There are no noticeable scratches on the lens surface.
It is cloudy in the lens and there is no mold
You can see some contamination of dust.
This level does not affect shooting.

Product number 10224620