I can never be removed to tell Leica
Name machine, "M3 SN.962621" is in stock.

Every generation of photographers and photographers
Leica who has captivated photography enthusiasts.
Among them, it is best to receive the highest evaluation
It is said to be "the best M type Leica as the first generation"
It becomes "LEICA M3".

One piece of this arrival comes from the serial number, probably made in 1959
It becomes a single stroke model.

The biggest feature of M3 is a finder anyway.
I stick to the quality sticking out the cost
Ultra-fine finder just peeks
It makes me feel like I can take the best pictures.

Also, with other cameras shutter sound
Moist and moist with unpleasant taste
It is such a sound that directs high-quality space.

Anyway, all the making
There is good quality which is different from other cameras.
The shutter speed will be B ~ 1/1000.
There is no accessory.
* Body only will be sold.

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
Open / close shutter, hoist rewind, etc.
It is a very good condition.
The shutter speed will also be normal.
Threads and small wounds due to aging such as warships can be seen.
The whole feeling of use becomes little.
Peeling off on the gutta percha under the self-timer or side.
Also, one back cover screw is missing.
I can see a little haze and dirt mixed.
Bright frame keeps good condition.
There is abrasions with usage.