It becomes "M4 SN.1229947".
M-type M is M of messsucher, meaning distance finder.
The shutter speed is B ~ 1/1000.
The Leica M4 is a finished version of the classic Leica that is easy to use.
M-type Leica, M4, which has a high degree of perfection, may be the highest peak of practical Leica.
The shutter curtain is a horizontal running cloth curtain focal plane shutter.
The viewfinder magnification is 0.72 times.
The viewfinder frame is 35mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm,
The lens mount is the Leica M mount.

Accessories are as follows.
・ Lower camera case
・ Body cap

The operation has been confirmed.
There are no problems such as shifting the shutter speed or self-timer.
There are no problems with other operations.
It will be in a used state with a feeling of use.
You can see threads, scratches, and claws at the bottom.
Aged abrasions and scratches can be seen.
There is no cracking or peeling on Gutta Percha.
There is a slight twist in the shutter curtain.
There is a thread associated with the specification.
Beautiful and clean.
The split image is clearly visible.