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Konica M-HEXANON LENS 35mm F2 KM SN: 3216388


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This is a HEXANON quasi-wide-angle lens,
It will be "Konica M-HEXANON LENS 35mm F2".
It is one that can fully enjoy the comfortable image of HEXANON in an easy-to-use angle of view.
Please take this opportunity to shop.

The serial number will be 3216388.
The aperture is 2-16 and the number of aperture blades is 10.
The mount is a Leica M mount (KM mount type).
The accessories are as follows.
・ Konica front lens cap
・ Konica rear lens cap (HC-1)
・ Konica lens hood (HL-4)
・ Konica Food Pouch
・ Kenko MC PROTECTOR 46mm
-Instructions for use-Outer box (with partition)


Operation has been confirmed.
Focus ring, aperture ring operation,
The operation of the aperture blade is smooth.

There are no noticeable abrasion or scratches, and it is in a relatively beautiful state.
Hood is also beautiful.

No problem.

Dust contamination is very low,
There is no problem with mold and cloud.

Commodity condition: A / beautiful