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Leitz minolta CL SN: 1037258


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 Leitz minolta CL
Commodity condition B / good goods
Serial Number 1037258
Shutter speed / aperture Shutter speed is B, 2-1 / 1000s.

・ MINOLTA body cap


Operation details The operation has been confirmed.
It is a visual confirmation,
Winding / rewinding, counter generally works normally.
You can check the shutter speed shift and full speed, but the accuracy is unknown.
Battery check and light meter work, but accuracy is unknown.


There are abrasions and scratches due to use,
It will be relatively clean.

There is a crack on the spool.

There are abrasions and scratches associated with use,
Detachment is generally smooth.


Visually clear,
If you shine a strong light, you can see the mixture of dust and the thin haze.
However, since the side of the mirror has deteriorated white, it is reflected in the mirror,
A round spot is visible around the meter in the viewfinder.
Split image matching and bright frame display are generally good.

Light seal:

No problem.

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