LEICA M6 0.72 BLACK SN.2415529 Made in 1996


It becomes LEICA M6 0.72 BLACK.

Serial number: 2415529
Shutter speed: B, 1s-1 / 1000s
From the serial number, it is probably made in 1996.

・ LEICA strap
-Original box (there are dirt and scratches.
The serial numbers match. )
・ Cosmetic box
・ Instruction manual x2 (English, Japanese
Both are dirty and broken. )


Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, winding and rewinding, and field of view switching are working.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the shutter speed shift and the operation of the exposure meter have been confirmed.

Abrasion, scratches, and slight peeling of the corner paint due to use are seen.

Fine dust contamination and wiping scratches are seen.
Spot mold is seen on the front, and a slight haze is seen,
The view is generally clear.
Bright frame and lamp lighting have been confirmed.
Accuracy is unknown, but double image mate can be confirmed visually.

Abrasion and fine scratches are seen, but there is no problem in attaching and detaching the lens.

Product status: C / average