LEICA M6 0.72 CHROME 1993 Model SN: 1936080


Manufacturer LEICA
Product name M6 0.72 CHROME Made in 1993
Commodity condition A / beautiful goods
Serial: 1936080
Shutter speed B, 1-1000s

・ Original box (serial match)
・ Leica makeup box
・ Leica strap
・ 14195 body cap

Operation details:
The operation has been confirmed.
Winding and rewinding are almost normal.
The shutter speed shift operates at full speed,
Accuracy is unknown due to visual confirmation.
Bright frame switching is also normal.
The light meter also operates in response to light. (The accuracy is unknown)
There is a abrasion due to the appearance mount
It is in a beautiful state throughout.

Optical viewfinder:
Although there is a slight contamination of dust
Visibility is good.
There is no problem with the internal LED.

Shading material:
Comment Presumed to be 1993 from cereal.
Product ID 20633138