LEICA M6 Titan SN: 1926028


M6 Titan
Condition: B / Good
Serial number: 1926028
Shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000.

・ LEICA body cap (14195)
・ LEICA strap
・ LEICA plastic case
・ LEICA manual (no image)

Operation has been confirmed.
The operation of hoisting and rewinding has been confirmed.
Exposure meter works, but accuracy of shutter speed shift is unknown.
The light receiving element used for the inner light meter is SPD (silicon photodiode)
Has degraded green and is haze white.
The light meter works in response to light, but its accuracy is unknown.

It will be in a very good condition with little usability.
However, you can see the pops and metal deterioration inside the mount.

Generally good.

It is clear visually. If you shine a strong light, you can see the mixture of dust and the faint light.
The view when you look into it is clear.
The internal exposure and the display of the blur frame are good and the frame switching has been confirmed.
The split image was also confirmed, and the accuracy was unknown, but the mate was also confirmed.
Replace the zinc alloy top cover with a brass press and apply titanium plating,
A special model featuring ostrich-like upholstery leather.