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LEICA M6 TTL BLACK 0.72 SN: 2469463


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B / Good product
・ LEICA body cap (14195)
・ LEICA strap

Operation has been confirmed.
Opening and closing the shutter, winding and rewinding, etc.
Very good condition.
Also check the shutter visually at each speed
Opened and closed, but the accuracy is unknown.
The light meter is also working.

It will be in a very beautiful state with little usability.
Mount: It is very beautiful.
There is no split image shift,
Bright frame is also in good condition.

Shutter speed added to the famous LEICA M6
Enlarging the dial and optimizing the direction of dial rotation,
Improved operability, such as adding a TTL light control function,
It is "LEICA M6 TTL" which started selling in 1998.