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MAMIYA C330 Pro S + 80mm F2.8 SN: W304919


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MAMIYA C330 Professional S + MAMIYA-SEKOR S 80mm F2.8
Commodity condition B/ Good
Serial Number:

C330 Professional S: W304919
MAMIYA-SEKOR S 80mm F2.8: 32128

Shutter speed/Aperture MAMIYA-SEKOR S 80mm F2.8:
Shutter speed: B,1s-1/500s
Aperture 2.8-32 / Number of blades: 5


MAMIYA front lens cap
・MAMIYA strap


The operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, shift of shutter speed,
There is no problem in the operation of the winding and diaphragm blades.
The operation of the lever is smooth,
You can also focus normally.


There are slight abrasions and stains on the whole due to use.
There is a slight paint peeling around the front logo.

Almost clean and beautiful.


Take lens:
You can see the fine dust mixed in the whole.
You can see slight cleaning mark when holding a strong light.
View lens:
Fine dust mixed with thin dust can be seen throughout.
No mold is seen.

Light seal:

Deteriorated but no problem.

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