Mamiya N 80mm F4 L For Mamiya7・7II SN: OG1571


Mamiya N 80mm F4 L is a single focus lens for medium format cameras.

Serial number: OG1571
Aperture: 4-22
Number of feathers: 5
Mount: For Mamiya7 ・ 7II

・ Rear lens cap
・ Hood


Operation has been confirmed.
The movement of the focus ring, aperture ring and aperture blade is smooth.
When attached to the body, rangefinder interlocking was possible.

There is a abrasion due to use, and the rubber is slightly white.

There is a abrasion, but there is no trouble in putting on and taking off.

There is a crescent-shaped cloud in the center of the middle ball, mixed with dust as a whole.
No mold found.

Product status: C / average product