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Serial number: 1025089
Shutter speed: B, 1 / 2s-1 / 1000s

There are no accessories.


Operation has been confirmed.
The operation of hoisting and rewinding has been confirmed.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation have been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.
After releasing the shutter at low speed, the shutter curtain
There is a sound that shakes inside, but it is working.

Although it has a slight abrasion and fine scratches, it is generally in a beautiful state.
Slight damage and peeling of paint can be seen on the metal fittings of the strap attachment part.
There is a slight distortion in the inside of the back cover opened, the border metal that secures the battery.

As a whole, mold is found on the border of dust and the border of the eyepiece.
Bright frame, internal display, exposure needle
It is in a state where it can be confirmed generally well.

Light seal:
You can see the aging.

There is a abrasion due to use.

Product status: C / average product