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MINOLTA CLE Body SN: 1022706


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Manufacturer: MINOLTA
Product name: CLE
Product status: C / average product
Serial body: 1022706
Shutter speed / aperture B, 1s-1 / 1000s
Accessories: -

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, self-timer, and rewinding are working.
Buttons and dials can be operated smoothly.
We have confirmed the speed change of the shutter speed and the operation of the light meter.
Since the operation of the exposure meter is unstable, the shutter is unstable during AUTO.

Appearance Body:
There are slight scratches.

Optical viewfinder:
There are fine dust contamination, abrasion, and slight haze.
When the test lens is attached, the match between the bright frame and the double image can be visually confirmed.

Light Seals: There is some settling due to aging.

Product ID 20663658