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MINOLTA Leitz minolta CL M-Mount SN: 1021931


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Leica's inexpensive version Leica, planned as an introductory model,
Released in 1973 by joint development with Minolta
"Leica CL" is a sales model for Japan
It is the arrival of "Leitz minolta CL".

It will be a model sold as a low-cost Leica,
Solid design and cute design,
With a unique operation feeling that is not found in other M type Leica
A jockey with many lovers.

Approximately 12.5cm x 8cm compact body and easy to use
With a shutter dial on the front of the body and an easy-to-see viewfinder
The range finder camera will be used
For those who want to see for the first time, it is especially recommended.

Serial number: 1021931
Shutter speed: B, 2s-1 / 1000s

There are no accessories.


It works normally, such as winding and rewinding, and each dial.
You can check the shutter speed shift and full speed, but the accuracy is unknown.
The light meter may or may not respond to light.

There is some abrasion and scratches associated with use,
It is in a relatively beautiful state.

If you shine a strong light, you can see the mixture of dust and the thin cloud.
Double image matching and bright frame display are generally good.

There are threads and scratches associated with use,
Detachment is generally smooth.
No serious scratches or distortions affecting normal use are found.

Product status: C / average product