Nikon F3 HP SN.9010895 + MD-4 SN.354184


Manufacturer: Nikon
Product name: F3 HP 9.01 million units F mount body + MD-4
Commodity condition: B / good
Serial body: 9010895
・ MD-4: 354184
Accessories ・ Nikon body ca


Operation details The operation has been confirmed.
Each operation such as winding up, rewinding, mirror up, self-timer,
The operation of the dials and buttons are almost normal.
We have confirmed the shift in shutter speed,
Accuracy is unknown because it is a visual check.
The accuracy of the light meter is unknown, but it is sensitive to light.
The winding, rewinding and continuous shooting of the motor drive are almost smooth.
The lighting of each lamp has also been confirmed.


Although slight abrasion and scratches can be seen,
It is in a beautiful state.
No serious scratches or hits affecting normal use are found.

Although it is in a relatively clear state visually,
Black dust is seen.
When exposed to strong light, dust can be seen.

Light seal:

It is in a relatively beautiful state.

Comment The screen is B type.

Product ID 20633700