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Nikon F3HP SN: 1968850


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Manufacturer Nikon
Product name F3HP 1.96 million units
Commodity condition B / good goods
Cereal 1968850
accessories -
Operation details The operation has been confirmed.
The operation of the self-timer and rewinding has been confirmed.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation have been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.

Appearance It becomes a used state with little feeling.
No noticeable abrasion or scratches are visible.
Generally good.
Optical viewfinder:
It is clear visually,
If you shine a strong light, you can see the contamination of dust and garbage.
In addition, a thin vertical line can be seen on the prism top.
Shading material It has been re-covered and becomes beautiful.
Comment This is 0.75 times magnification that is easy to see even with glasses
High eye point (HP) viewfinder
It becomes one easy to use equipped.
The shutter speed will be X, T, A, B, 8s-1/2000.
Product ID 20632539