Nikon NEW FM2 SN: 8581143


Nikon NEW FM2 latter term Black 8.58 million units Body only
Commodity condition C / average goods
Serial Number 8581143
Shutter speed / Aperture B, 1-1 / 4000s

・ Nikon body cap


The operation has been confirmed.
You can check the shutter speed shift,
Accuracy is unknown because it is a visual confirmation.
Mirror up, winding / rewinding, self-timer, etc.
Operation is generally normal.
The light meter also responds to light, but its accuracy is unknown.


Slight abrasion and scratches can be seen, but in a beautiful state.
Paint peeling is seen on the metal part of the case back.
No serious scratches or hits affecting normal use are found.

It is in a clear state visually.
If you shine a strong light, you can see some contamination of dust and dust.

Light seal:

No problem.

Product ID 20635671