Nikon NEW FM2 SN: N 8757932

Manufacturer Nikon
Product name NEW FM2 Previous term
Commodity condition B / good goods
Serial: N 8757932
Shutter speed The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 4000s.

・ Nikon body cap

Operation details:
The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, self-timer, and rewind are operating.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation have been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.

Although fine abrasion and small scratches due to use are visible,
There is no noticeable abrasion or scratch and it is in a relatively beautiful state.

Aged abrasion and scratches are seen, but there is no problem in detaching.

Optical viewfinder:
You can see it, but there is a mycelial mold and a thin haze on the eyepiece.
Light shielding material remains.

Product ID 20634129