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PENTAX 6×7 TTL SN: 4139676 + TAKUMAR 105mm F2.4 SN: 8481267


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6 × 7 TTL late + TAKUMAR 105mm F2.4 + wooden grip + case
B / Good product
Body: 4139676
Lens: 8481267
Shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000s.

・ PENTAX front lens cap
・ PENTAX wooden grip
・ PENTAX exclusive food
・ Unknown strap (with bracket)
・ Kenko filter

Operation confirmed.
It is energized and the shutter is off.
There is no problem winding the film.
Exposure meter for shutter speed
The accuracy is unknown, but it works.
The operation of the aperture ring and focus ring is also smooth.

It becomes a used state with little usability.
No noticeable abrasion or scratches are visible.

You can see fine abrasion on both body and lens.

It is clear visually. If you apply a strong light, you can see the malt fragments.

Although it is clear visually, several black dots are visible. If you shine a strong light, you can see the mixture of dust and the faint light.

Light seal: