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PENTAX 6×7 TTL SN: 4156260


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Manufacturer PENTAX
Product name: 6x7 TTL finder latter term
Commodity condition B / good
Serial number: 4156260

PENTAX body cap

Operation has been confirmed. You can check the shutter speed shift,
The accuracy is unknown.
Mirror up, winding up and rewinding are almost normal.
The light meter also responds to light, but its accuracy is unknown.
There is no break in the aperture linkage chain.
The battery check lamp also works normally.


There are abrasion and scratches associated with use,
Considering the age, it is relatively beautiful.
No cracks or floats are seen on the pasted leather.
Some discoloration is seen in the metal part around the viewfinder.
No serious scratches or hits affecting normal use are found.

Optical viewfinder:

It is a clear state visually.
If you shine a strong light, you can see some contamination of dust.

Light seal has deteriorated.