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PENTAX 67 SN: 4218077


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PENTAX 67 TTL Prismfinder
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number: 

Body 4218077
Prismfinder 640268
Shutter speed/Aperture Shutter speed: X,B,1s-1/1000s


Body cap
・Strap attachment x2


The operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, mirror up, and winding are working.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed can be changed, but the accuracy is unknown.
The battery check lamp is working.
The light meter is not working.


There are abrasions, scratches, stains, and peeling on the paint.
There are scratches and scratches on the top of the viewfinder part, and the paint has peeled off.
There are some abrasions on the mount, but it does not interfere with the removal.

You can see a mixture of fine dust.
Wiping scratches, abrasions, and dust can be seen on the eyepiece.
No corrosion is seen on the prism.
If you look in the viewfinder, you can see dust.

Light seal:

No problem.

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