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PENTAX 67 TTL SN: 4211567


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67 + TTL pentaprism finder
C / average
Body: 4211567
Viewfinder: 639542
・ PENTAX strap bracket only
・ PENTAX shutter dial adapter

Operation confirmed.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter are working,
The accuracy is unknown.
Winding up and mirror up are almost normal.

You can see abrasion and scratches due to use.
Viewfinder: It is clear visually, but when exposed to strong light, slight contamination of dust can be seen.
It has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.
The shutter speed is B-1 / 1000.
The mount is exclusively for Pentax 67 lenses,
Double bayonet mount.
The viewfinder has a built-in convenient TTL exposure meter
『67 TTL pentaprism finder』
Is installed.