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PENTAX 67II & Wooden grip SN: 4515314


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The serial number will be 4515314.
Shutter speed A, X, B, 4s-1 / 1000s.
The serial number of the viewfinder will be 4563875.
The accessories are as follows.
・ PENTAX strap (with bracket)
・ Wooden grip



Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter is shifting at full speed, but it will be checked visually
The accuracy is unknown.
AE is also running, but its accuracy is unknown.
Winding counter display, self-timer and
The mirror up mechanism is also operating normally.
There is no liquid leak on the LCD of the film counter and it is clearly visible.

Slight abration and scratches are seen, but in a beautiful state.
You can see a part of the leather sticking.

There is slightly fine mixture of dust.

Light seal

It is in a relatively beautiful state.

Although some abration and scratches due to use are seen,
Detachment is smooth.

Commodity condition: A / Good Condition