CONTAX G1 White ROM SN: 083069 + Planar 45mm F2 SN: 7671935


Commodity condition C / average goods
Serial Number:

Body: 083069
Lens: 7671935
TLA140: 621220
Shutter speed B, 1s-1 / 4000s

・ CONTAX body cap
・ CONTAX GC-111 camera case (with strap)
・ TLA140 (with leather case)
・ Various instruction manuals

Operation :
The operation has been confirmed.
Continuous shooting, self-timer, winding rewind and flash are working.
Button and dial operations can be performed smoothly.
The shutter speed shift has been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.
The accuracy of AF / MF at infinity and focus is unknown,
There is no problem with checking on the viewfinder.
The light meter is responding, but its accuracy is unknown.


Attrition scratches due to aging and use can be seen.
There is a standard leak on the film counter.

There is a standard haze contamination of dust.

With a slight contamination of dust
There is a slight haze in the middle ball.
No mold.

Light seal:

There is slight setting.

Product ID 20633657