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CONTAX TVS / Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 28-56mm F3.5-6.5 T*
Commodity condition C / Normal
Serial Number: 018214
Aperture 3.5-16/7 sheets


Front lens cap
・Lens filter
・Soft pouch
・Instruction manual
・Cosmetic case
・Original box


The operation has been confirmed.
AF/MF, flash, self-timer, hoist and rewind are working.
You can smoothly extend the lens, operate the aperture blades, and operate buttons and dials.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed can be changed when the brightness is changed.


There are abrasions and fine scratches on the whole.
Some rust can be seen on the screws of the main body.
The liquid crystal on the upper part is displayed better on the mode screen, but the liquid crystal on the film counter has liquid crystal leakage, and it is a little difficult to confirm the number.


The mixture of dust is seen on the whole, and slight abrasions and yellowing can be seen.
There is a faint haze when exposed to strong light, but the visibility is almost clear when you look into it.
The display inside has been confirmed well.


When shining light from the front of the lens, a slight amount of dust may be mixed.
You can see haze on the edge of the front lens.
No mold is found.

Light seal:
No problem.

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