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CONTAX Carl Zeiss Biogon 21mm F2.8 T* G Mount SN: 8003856


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Carl Zeiss Biogon 21mm F2.8 T * G Mount
B / Good product
・ CONTAX front lens cap (GK-51)
・ CONTAX rear lens cap (GK-R2)
・ CONTAX P-Filter
・ CONTAX original box (serial match)
・ CONTAX lens case (GCL-2)
・ CONTAX GF-21mm
・ CONTAX Biogon 2.8 / 21 CASE

Operation confirmed.
The aperture ring and AF work.

There are fine abrasion and scratches over time,
It is in a relatively beautiful state.
Generally good.
You can see abrasion and scratches.
It is clear visually.
If you shine a strong light, you can see the contamination of dust slightly.