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CONTAX Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm F2.8 T* G mount SN. 7716950


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Here is the interchangeable lens for CONTAX G1, G2
"Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm F2.8 T *".
You can enjoy wide-angle dynamic photos by attaching to the G series body.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number is 7716950.
The aperture is 2.8-22, and the aperture blade is 6 pieces.
The accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX front lens cap (GK-41)
・ CONTAX filter (1A MC)
・ CONTAX rear lens cap (GR-R2)


Operation has been confirmed.
Helicoid and aperture ring are in operation.
The accuracy of AF is unknown,
The operation has been confirmed in the viewfinder display.

Although there is a fine abrasion due to use
It is in a relatively beautiful state.

There are abrasion and scratches due to use and classic blue rust marks.

If you hold a strong light, you can see contamination of dust.
In addition, cloud is seen in the middle ball.

Product status: C / average