A rare camera made by a Swiss watch parts manufacturer.
"ALPA 10d" is in stock.
3992 units were manufactured between 1968 and 1976,
It becomes a model with many productions in Alpa.
A characteristic winding lever and elaborate rewinding crank that pulls forward from the front,
The elaborate design and eye-catching shield crest and logo design are exceptionally cool.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

Serial number: 55595
* Body and bottom plate (back plate) match
Shutter speed: B, 1s-1 / 1000s
·instruction manual
・ Battery adapter
・ Eyepiece


The operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy of the shutter shifting is unknown.
In visual confirmation, there is almost no problem.
Winding and rewinding is in working condition.
The accuracy is unknown, but the exposure meter is also operating and responds to light.

Slight scratches and abrasion due to use are slightly seen.
There is paint peeling in the black paint on the upper left side of the front.
There is abrasion on the bottom corner and lock lever.
There is no noticeable area.
The cover next to the rewind crank is a model of a gold plate.

You can see the contamination of dust over time.
When you hold the light, it 's more spider than the viewfinder eyepiece.
There is a noticeable dust stain.
The exposure display window in the viewfinder has a lot of dust.
The screen is diagonally split.

Light seal material:
There is a deterioration.

There are few scratches and there is no hindrance to the lens.

Product status: C / average