AVENON SUPER WIDE L21 F2.8 L mount with Viewfinder and M mount Adapter SN: 95720



This is the thin L mount lens of Avenon light machine which started up by designer Abe after Sankyo light machine
It becomes "AVENON SUPER WIDE L21 F2.8".
The flat design is a good looking one with a matte silver lens barrel.
It is L mount lens which goes well with Barnak Leica or Canon P.
This time also comes with a genuine M mount adapter and a 21mm viewfinder.

Accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap
・ Rear lens cap (for M mount)
・ Viewfinder
・ M mount adapter (AVENON IV)


It will be confirmed operation.
Helicoid will rotate smoothly throughout.
There is no problem with the aperture operation.
There is no problem with distance meter interlocking. (Only L mount confirmed)

There is little feeling of use, and there are few scratches and dust.

There is no problem in connection with both L and M mounts.

There is little contamination of dust.
There is no problem with mold.
I feel the warmth to shine a strong light on the lens,
It seems that it hardly affects the shooting.
The view finder has a haze.
Visibility is an impression that is somewhat not good.

Product number: 20602386

Product condition: B / Good