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BRONICA RF645 SN: 1001082 + 65mm F4 SN: 0003805


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Serial number: 1001082
Shutter speed: P, A, B, 1s-1 / 500s
"ZENZANON-RF 65mm F4 ''
Serial number: 0003805
Aperture: 4-32
Number of feathers: 7
・ BRONICA lens cap
・ BRONICA food
・ BRONICA strap



Operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy of the shutter shift is unknown,
Visual confirmation is generally in good condition.
The opening and closing of the lens shutter could be confirmed visually.
Automatic exposure, self-timer, multiple exposure, etc. are working.
As for the automatic exposure, we have not confirmed the actual exposure
Although the accuracy is unknown, the value changes in response to the brightness.
Winding and counter operation are also possible.
The pinhole of the blackout curtain is not visible.
The focus ring and aperture ring of the lens are operating smoothly.

Aged abrasion and scratches are hardly seen and a beautiful impression is obtained.
If you look closely, the fine thread and the part where your fingers and nails near the grip
A thin thread at the bottom of the body and small paint peeling are seen.
A protective seal is stuck on the bottom.

It is relatively clear visually.
Split images are visible.
Split image matching is also possible.
Dust can be seen when holding it over a strong light.

Aged scratches are seen, but there is no problem in detaching the lens.
It is relatively beautiful visually.
When exposed to strong light, a slight contamination of dust can be seen.

Commodity condition: A / Good Condition