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BRONICA RF645 SN: 0004345 + 65mm F4 SN: 0004070


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This is a medium format camera of BRONICA (Bronica)
It becomes "RF645 0004345".
This is based on the achievements and experience of successive Bronica cameras
It is a developed 6x4.5 interchangeable lens rangefinder camera.
Convenient standard lens
ZENZANON-RF 65mm F4 0004070
It will be attached bargain sale.
Please purchase at this opportunity!

Shutter speed is P, A, B, 1s ~ 1 / 500s.
The aperture of the lens is 4 to 32.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Bronica front and rear lens caps
・ BRONICA body cap
・ BRONICA lens hood
・ Kenko lens filter
・ BRONICA camera strap
・ Body / lens former box
・ Lens instruction manual


Operation confirmed.
There is no problem in operation, shutter and exposure meter
The self-timer works normally.
The double image is also clearly visible
Lens focusing is also possible.

It is a used state with a feeling of use.
You can see fine scratches and threads over time.

There is a lot of dust contamination
There is no problem in practical use.
Bright frame and exposure display are also clear
It is in good condition.

Light Seal:
There is deterioration.

There are fine scratches and abrasion over time
There is no problem.

The aperture and focus ring move smoothly.
There are no noticeable scratches on the lens surface.
There is a slight fog and dust in the lens.
This is a level that does not affect shooting.

Commodity control number: 20594767