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Canon LENS 19mm F3.5 LTM SN: 10869


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CANON LENS 19mm F3.5
Commodity condition D / somewhat difficult
Serial Number 10869
Aperture Aperture value: F3.5-16 / Aperture blades: 6
Mount Leica L mount
accessories -


The operation has been confirmed.
The movement of the focus ring, aperture ring and aperture blade is smooth.
The accuracy is unknown, but when attached to the body, the rangefinder could be linked.


Attrition, scratches, dirt, paint peeling due to use are seen.
The mount has scratches and dirt, but it does not hinder the attachment or detachment of the lens.


As a whole, fine dust and dirt are mixed in, and many scratches are seen.
Coating damage and faint haze are seen on the front lens.

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