Carl Zeiss Biogon 25mm F2.8 ZM T* SN: 15546097


Carl Zeiss Biogon 25mm F2.8 ZM T*
Commodity condition B/ Good
Serial Number: 15546097
Aperture 2.8-22
Mount Leica M mount


Carl Zeiss Lens Hood for 21/25mm
・Carl Zeiss front cap
・Carl Zeiss rear cap
・Carl Zeiss Instruction Manual
・Carl Zeiss outer box


It is operation confirmed.
Each operation works normally without problems.
Focus ring and diaphragm movements are also normal.
The diaphragm blades are also normal.


It is in good condition with little usability.
No noticeable threads or scratches can be seen.


The optics are clear to the naked eye,
If you hit a strong light
A slight amount of dust can be seen.

Product ID 20648065