These lenses are Carl Zeiss wide angle single focus lenses
`` Carl Zeiss Biogon 25mm F2.8 ZM T * ''
It becomes.

This lens has high basic performance that is not ashamed of the name of Biogon.
Rich color impression is impressive, and if you use the exposure slightly
It is a lens that allows you to enjoy rich rich tones and colors.
It feels a little cramped at 28mm, and it's too wide at 21mm.
An extremely wide and moderate range of 25mm can be taken.

The serial number will be 15546908.
The aperture is 2.8-16, and there are 10 aperture blades.

Accessories are as follows.
・ ZEISS front lens cap
・ ZEISS rear lens cap
・ Carl Zeiss T * ZM Mount Lens Manual
・ Original box


The operation has been confirmed.
The operation of the helicoid and aperture is normal.
You can also focus normally.

It is a beauty product with little usability.


Although a slight abrasion is seen, it is in a beautiful state.


It is in a beautiful state visually.
When exposed to strong light, you can see the contamination of dust.
FUJIFILM X-Pro1 has confirmed live action,
If you narrow down, you can see the effect of dust.

Product Status: A / Excellent