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CONTAX 645 BODY + TLA360 SN: 002745


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This is CONTAX's 6x4.5 AF single-lens reflex camera
It will be “645 SN002745”.
It can be said to be the definitive version of a medium format SLR camera.
It is still a famous machine that is loved by many professional photographers.
Autofocus, automatic film winding,
Automatic exposure compensation (aperture priority AE) can be used,
As a medium format film camera, the amazing shutter speed 1/4000,
Boasting a flash sync speed of 1/250,
You can release a high-speed shutter like no other.
In addition, the finder is equipped with high-performance that is easy to see and easy to pinch.
The exterior design is also very stylish.

This Contax 645
Use digital backs such as Phase One and Leaf,
Digital photography is also supported.
The viewfinder on the body
It becomes MF-1.
The serial number is 002646.
The film back on the body
It becomes MFB-1.
The serial number is 002117.

Accessories are as follows.

・ CONTAX MFB-1A insert (built-in)
* There is a chip on the roller (see the 10th photo).
・ CONTAX body cap
・ Instruction manual (main unit, flash)
・ Flash (with TLA360 / leather case)


The operation has been confirmed.
Each part is operating.
Exposure meter, AF, shutter speed
The accuracy is unknown, but it works.
The inner LED is also shining.
As mentioned above, some missing parts can be seen on the included MFB-1A roller.
There is no problem with the 120/220 winding operation.

You can see abrasion due to aging and use.

Scratches and abrasion due to use can be seen.

It is in a beautiful state visually.
If you hold a strong light, you can see a slight amount of dust.
It is a relatively beautiful state.

Light seal:
It is in good condition.

Product status: C / average